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Beth Egan & Holli Shaw: Healthy Homes - Healthy Families
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Beth Egan - Being the mother of 2 daughters and a grandmother of 5 grandchildren I have become very concerned with the chemicals and toxins in our home environments and how they are affecting my family. By using Shaklee products I feel confident that I am creating a safer and healthier environment when my daughters and their families visit. As a former teacher, the Shaklee business opportunity was a natural fit. I enjoy educating others about how they can Create a Healthy Home Environment.

Holli Shaw - I am the mother of a active 4 year and 1 year old boys and want to make sure that my sons have the opportunity to grow up in a healthy home. I feel secure knowing that using Shaklee products helps me make my home environment chemical and toxin free. I look forward to sharing these great products with other new moms!

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